ofWizard -- a new project creation tool

I’ve put together a quick tool that will help you make new projects without going through the whole copy-and-rename-an-example business on your own. Try it out and let me know what you think! Critique and suggestions are welcome, but support and new features aren’t guaranteed


Hey, I just tried this out and got nothing :frowning: I put the folder in the root directory of my OF folder structure and then ran wizard.py. I was prompted name the project, which I do, then the command prompt disappears and nothing else happens. The examples folder does not change.

I don’t know python, but from what I could gather from your source code the script should output a project into the examples folder; for me nothing is happening. Is there some way I can provide you with an error log or something? I don’t know where that would be.

hey there,

It’s been at least a year since i wrote that script and i’m guessing that openframeworks has changed in some way that the script can’t handle. i wish i could help, but i haven’t used openframeworks in a long time. so i’d recommend checking out the openframeworks documentation for how to make a new project and ignore my little script. sorry it doesn’t work anymore!



I think you only have to change line 32 in wizard.py from

dest_path = '../app/examples/%s' % name  


dest_path = '../apps/examples/%s' % name  

i.e. add an ‘s’ to ‘app’.

That should at least make it create the project.

However, If you use Visual Studio 2008 it will ask you to convert the project to a VS 2008 project upon opening.

here’s update file,working with vc2008 and of0061.