OFW on Nintendo DS

Okay, so I’m dying to get OFW working on my Nintendo DS using libnds and devkitARM


Before I jump in, does anyone have any advice on how I can start thinking about marrying ofw to libnds?

Will be using either a PPC Mac or Xandros Linux to compile.

I dunno. Will this work in a million years?

btw… yay 0.3!


hmm, my initial google searches pointed to no, but then I saw this:


at least basic opengl is up and running (and some nehe examples, which is great). that could be a starting point - drawing opengl graphics, etc.
OF requires a ton of libs, so I would bet you will not be able to get much of the non-graphics stuff up and running, such as sound, video, images, fonts…

I’d take it in small steps, such as:

  • nehe code up and running
  • add a part of ofGraphics out (perhaps simplify, and remove glu stuff)
  • add ofTexture (perhaps not the ARB stuff)

then you could look for compiled equivalent libraries that might be helpful.

hope that helps - if you are in new york, you can always stop by eyebeam when I am in town. we have open days on tuesday afternoons and we will probably start an OF nerd posse here.

take care!!