OFW meetings London

[edit] http://groups.google.com/group/ofLondon

Hi all,

Just bumped into a chap from the London workshop and we thought it would be good to do regular OFW meet-up. Local OFWers could show their latest projects/experiments for 10 mins, chat about coding, solve problems etc.

Maybe once a month in an eve. Could possibly do the Griffin pub that we used for the first This happened.

Anyone up for that?

Yes please! Sounds great.


Hi Chris
Sounds good, I would make this from my spot in the midlands as often as poss. Just a question, I’m still fairly new to oF making the transition from processing. Have attended 2 day workshop @ FACT and now working on my own stuff. Are all levels welcome?

I’d be up for it though I’m based up in Edinburgh!


yup, everyone’s got their knitting circles why haven’t we :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Chris - yep, that was me. Sounds great - let’s do it!


hey guys, i think it’s a really good idea to organise some type of informal get together for showing and sharing work, inspiration etc.

i’ve started a similar meeting for vj’s (i.e. people performing live visuals) a while back and it’s grown to a good size. we now have regular meetings in london. although OF hacking ideally needs it’s own meeting, there is definitely some overlap between the VJ group and a potential hacking meeting. We have a number of regulars who write code in processing, c++, on games consoles etc so for the time being i’d like to invite anyone who is interested to join us on thursday the 9th of April at cafe 1001 in london (in the back room). We start at 7:30pm. bring a laptop etc. we should have a projector. also check out vjlondon.org for updates.

I’m up for it!


I vote not for the Griffin because the staircase at the back is now completely buggered.

What about just turning up at the Bar Music Hall in Shoreditch and taking over a corner?

Unless someone wants to host it?

I could find a space near London Fields, but I suspect that would be too far away for everyone.


I’m new to OFW but would definitely be up for a London meet-up!

Did you get any further with this?
Short of using a pub we could always rotate around different peoples’ offices / studios. I know Digit would be happy to host a small-ish gathering at our office (sunny shoreditch)


I’m new to openframeworks and am interested in its use on the iphone, so would be good to meet up and discuss project etc

Here is a google group for the knitting circle london


as ruairi, joel and memo recently showed, there is a large demand for ofw in london, so venue could be a problem.

yay chris! my life will now have a whole new level of geekery! :slight_smile:

how many people do we think we need to aim for to start with? thinking about possible venues


hi paul

ruairi is looking into the same venue as his workshop.

can you do any discussion within the group pages though, not on here :slight_smile:


The next London meet-up is Monday 30th November.

Details on the google group:


Perhaps you would consider starting an ofLondon meetup group at meetup.com. This tends to be a much easier/nicer way to get things rolling.


Good idea! Would love to attend an oF meetup in London.