OFW App running on Windows 7, update to Windows 8.1

I have an program coded using openframeworks running on a Windows 7 machine. It was built on a Win7 machine using CodeBlocks and it is running in that very machine and watched using Restart on Crash -starts it on boot and check if it freezes.
The machine is now a the client’s office and they want to update the machine to Windows 8.1.
My question is: considering they do a correct update -they do not make a clean installation and they respect the current contents on the HDD- should I expect my program to run correctly? Should I rebuild it in a Win8 environment?
Thanks for your help!

Your app should work fine, you should be careful that the client is able to set up the machine properly though (you know monitoring the task and run on startup, dependencies like quicktime if you need it, etc.).
The one thing I can think that might go wrong is if you’re doing some window managing by hand ( I noticed if you create a frameless window yourself, it may end up missing a few pixels because of the window decoration is causing trouble… ).
If you can have access to a win 8.1 machine it wouldn’t hurt to try to run your app on it though.

Yeah you should be fine I haven’t experienced any issues running programs compiled on Win 7 computers on Win 8 computers and vice versa. So long as all the files required are in the right place when they update they should be fine. I actually noticed a decent uptick in performance on Win 8.1 machines since it seems to handle resources more efficiently.

Thanks a lot to both of you. As silverbahamut suggested, I am gonna try it first. My main concern is Restart on Crash working OK. I have used it a couple of times and its pretty handy.

Restart on Crash works on my win 8.1 machine, so I think you should be fine with that

Grrreat! Thanks a lot guys!
I will let you how it works as soon as I have it installed.