ofVidGrabber doesn't initialize camera iphoneX - iOS 12

My goal is to open the back facing camera on the iphone X to eventually process the pixels using openCV. My issue is I cannot initialize ofVideoGrabber. Upon cleaning > building > running I receive a ‘EXEC_BAD_ACCESS’ whether I use the function ‘listDevices’, ‘set device’, or ‘setup’ first. The following list are my specs:

Mac OS 10.3
Xcode 10
iOS 12
OF iOS 10
iphone X

cam.listDevices(); // EXEC_BAD_ACCESS
cam.setup(1280,720, OF_PIXELS_BGRA);

Also, I added this to my info.plist

Is it possible I’m missing some extra security settings? Or could it be the way OF is trying to initialize the camera in the background that needs a settings change?