ofVideoPlayer with multiple audio channels

i have a video (osx .mov file) with 6 separate audio tracks.

how would i go about accessing them so that i can send each to a different output on my maudio 2626 ?

i know multi channels audio is interleaved like discussed in this thread:

but that’s for ofSoundStream not ofVideoPlayer.


This is actually not really supported by OF right now, but it’s do-able, though not easy. You’ll need to subclass ofQuickTimePlayer.cpp and make a few changes there to get all of this data into a new structure that Apple provides for doing this kind of thing, AudioBufferList.

The discussion that I learned this from is here: http://lists.apple.com/archives/QuickTime-API/2005/May/msg00035.html

A way easier way to do this would be to export the audio somehow, if that’s possible, but if it isn’t, then maybe I could be helpful.

robert makes it sound like that it should be possible with his mod of ofQTKitVideoPlayer.

here: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/selecting-audio-channels-for-ofvideoplayer-file-playback/9039/1

i will give this a try first.


Yeah, if you’re not using the old QuickTime SDK that OF uses right now, you have a lot more options. I don’t know a ton about the QTKit stuff, except that it’s much friendlier and easier to interface with.