ofVideoPlayer with multiple audio channels on linux

I would like to play videos with a 5.1 jack output …
(I set out to jackaudiosink with gstreamer gstreamer-properties) but the reader plays sterreo not with 6 tracks.
A simpler idea that pipline homemade?


(google translation French - English …)

OF is using playbin to create the pipeline and as far as i understand it takes the audio config from gstreamer-properties so what you are doing should work. i would try using the same pipeline in a terminal and see if that works, if it doesn’t then the problem is somehow with gstreamer and it’s config. any configuration that works with gst-launch should work with OF

bizard what is that on an old version of of_v0073 and ubuntu 12.04, I get easily multi channel …
but in fact on Ubuntu 14.04 and 8.4 … Of no avail, either in OF or other software using gstreamer (Totem) … I ask on GStreamer mailing list.
I’ll let you know…

The story is thinning … it depends on the material, if the sound card has only 2 channels, GStreamer combine the outputs to 2 channels, unlike VLC or MPV that allow multiple channels independently of the output channels. !

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