ofVideoPlayer very bad performance on Windows 7

I try to play a video (1024 x 768) on Windows 7.
The performance is very bad (around 10fps).

My setup is the following:
Windows 7
VisualStudio C++ 2010
OpenFrameworks: v0.062
VideoFile: mov and mp4

I compiled in Codeblocks: no improvement
Tried using Gstreeamer in Codeblocks: Could not load the files (Codec Problem)
Tried Threaded Video: Some error occured

Does anyone have experience in playing video files in this resolution on windows with openframework?
What possibilities do I have?

is the video using the default h264?
a while I remember there being performance issues with h264 on windows Quicktime. If you use Sorenson I think you get much faster performance.

Having the same problems for a while.
Tried a lot of different codecs.

The only solution for me was to reduce the bitrate…

If you need better performance on windows for h264 playback,
try setting up GStreamer instead of the default video playback.
It can make a world of difference on some formats.

see the thread here:

GStreamer did not help, also Sorenson Codec.

They are all very fast as long as the videos are small, but as soon as I go to 1024 x 768, the framerate drops to around 10 fps.It habens even if I use the small videos and scale them.

My Graphics Card is NVidia Quadro FX 4800. Could this be a hardware problem?

Thanks for any help!

it if happens with small videos when you scale them then it’s surely related with your graphics card

I had a problem like that with some HD sized video. Turned out I had been calling .play() within the update() in every iteration. Once I removed it, it was working fine.

I’ve always had really good luck with Photo-JPG on Windows.

we’ve gotten 3x HD videos playing before… but it’s very data rate dependent.

until Resolume decides to opensource DXV we’ll all suffer… :wink: