ofVideoPlayer setSpeed consistent fps drop - workarounds?

Hi -
I’m working on a VJ style app. I’m on 10.10.4 using oF 0.8.4 and Xcode 6.4 on a 15" retina MBP with SSD.

I’m using the core ofVideoPlayer, which I think is using QTKit. I’m not super adept so not sure how to try Gstreamer or other players (though I’ve tried the ofxAVFVideoPlayer addon with poor results - see below).

With ofVideoPlayer, I’m attempting to load ~15 small video files that are all drawn to screen at once. Each video is 480x480, ~1000kbps, and about 7 seconds long, so not crazy taxing. The videos are all h264 (long story, but I need to use h264). If I play them at normal speed I get 60fps.

But when I alter the speeds, I get a major overall slowdown. After altering 3+ video speeds (using .setSpeed()) I get consistent <20fps. While I’m adjusting the speed I get <10fps, but once the speed is set it goes back up to ~15fps. I’m okay with a temporary drop in framerate while performing a speed adjustment but the consistently slow fps is killing the overall functionality of the app.

As I mentioned I also tried ofxAVFVideoPlayer (after reading about the switch to AVFoundation in 0.9) - but in the example app, I’ve found setSpeed() with AVF to be even worse. Anything over 2.0 speed is very choppy. Also, when I try negative speeds, the video no longer loops.

Are there any workarounds for the setSpeed() slowdown? Like a manual speed control with setFrame() or something?