ofVideoPlayer, setSpeed() 0.1 - 1, skips frames

Hi, I’m writing an app that slows down the video player spontaneously, using setSpeed of course. However I’m noticing that its skipping frames if its below 1f in speed. I’m not referring to the framerate drop. I’m aware that if it goes slower, you’ll notice individual frames instead of motion. However, ofVideoPlayer has a tendency to freeze than jump a couple of frames to catch up, which defeats the purpose of slowing it down in the first place.

Is this a glitch or a limitation, if so how could I fix it or find a workaround?,

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so am I the only person having this problem?

I am also seeing the problem, but in my case speeding up HD video.


The video will lag behind, then jump to catch up. I’ve created a test with one video at 50% opacity overlaid another. The motion should match up perfectly when the top video is running at 2x speed, but you can clearly see the lagging. Ever find a workaround?