ofVideoPlayer rtsp video streaming

i’m trying those links directly with totem and they dont work so the problem must be in gstreamer not in OF

i’ve tried to setup a stream server with vlc and receive the video in OF or upload a video file to a webserver and read it with the videoGrabber and both worked.

Thanks for taking a look, arturo.

In terms of VLC, what format do you stream it into? not rtsp? settings?

My streams are being done through quicktime broadcaster/ QT streaming server and I imagine the apple speeches are done through the same.

Hi, I have a doubt about the ofVideoPlayer for streaming.
I am trying to play different streams from internet (using http and rtsp), but I cannot play a real stream (like a TV). The only thing I can play is .mov movies on the internet using its url.

So my doubt is whether ofVideoPlayer is able to be a streaming client to reproduce for example the next TV: ""- (it is working using VLC). Quick time cannot reproduce it.
Is there any way to make this work?
If not, which are the features that a “streaming” has to fullfill to be able to be played with ofVideoPlayer? does it have to be a .mov file compulsorily?
Could you provide me a RealTime-TV stream that can be played?

Thanks a lot!!

I recently spent a few days banging my head on this… trying to get an RTSP stream going in an OF 0.8.0 app using ofVideoPlayer. I kept running into this issue:

2014-03-13 11:21:26.251 averageCellBrightnessDebug[482:303] CoreVideo pixel buffer is 320 x 240 while QTKit Movie reports size of 160 x 120. This is most likely caused by a non-square pixel video format such as HDV. Open this video in texture only mode to view it at the appropriate size

I then learned that I needed to use ofQTKitPlayer directly. It works using both ofQTKitDecodeModes OF_QTKIT_DECODE_TEXTURE_ONLY and OF_QTKIT_DECODE_PIXELS_AND_TEXTURE

For those that don’t know (as I didn’t), you can sometimes use ofQTKitPlayer directly in OSX in place of ofVideoPlayer.

in testApp.h:

ofQTKitPlayer rtsp;

in testApp.cpp:

rtsp.loadMovie("rtsp://", OF_QTKIT_DECODE_PIXELS_AND_TEXTURE);

Thanks for all the help.

i spoke too soon… the ofQTKitMovieRenderer is not resizing after initializing at 160 x 120. I’ll be spending my time looking at QTKitPlayer documentation trying to figure out how to resize, but @slugMobile’s advice seems to be limited to old quicktimeplayer stuff, and not QTKitPlayer.
As you can see, the video is streaming, but only showing 160 x 120 px of the entire image.

Any advice on how to resize the QTKitPlayer would be greatly appreciated!

user @kroko outlines a possible solution for this in his pull request HERE. You’ll need to modify:


It’s working for me. Thanks for the solution.

also… maryland’s traffic cams are fast and of decent resolution:

a note: if youre developing “offline” or for some specific resolution, that isn’t available in development process, then testing the resolution/streaming can be done by simpling installing DSS http://dss.macosforge.org and QT Broadcaster http://support.apple.com/kb/DL764 (set resolution here) on your computer and running built-in isight or external USB cam. OSX server install is really easy, just stick with default settings, and send automatic unicast to localhost from the bradcaster. that is if you’re on OS X.