ofVideoPlayer - reusing to load lots of movies consecutively


Im having a problem with using a single instance of ofVideoPlayer that loads and plays video clips multiple times. All clips play throughout and are then stopped and closed before the next video file is loaded. I can get through about 173 files (full HD) before the app crashes. The trace is :

#0 02FBFFF2 atioglxx!DrvValidateVersion() (C:\Windows\SysWOW64\atioglxx.dll:??)
#1 00000000 0x03815e98 in ??() (??:??)
#2 00000000 0x00000000 in ??() (??:??)

All files are quicktime and play as a continuous loop of files being loaded, played, stopped, loaded etc.The file being loaded when the app crashes has already been played previously without a problem.

Any help would be great



The threaded video player here solved this for me http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/threaded-video-player/1335/0

I’m having a similar problem on Windows 7, where after I load 180 files or so I get a similar error. I’ve tried multiple approaches including stopping, closing, deleting a pointer to the video player, and then declaring a new videoplayer… but eventually I get a crash.

How did the threadedVideoPlayer help? Does it interface with the QuicktimePlayer differently? I’ll give it a try but I’d like to see the bit of code where you stop one video and load another…