ofVideoPlayer playing two different-size videos

using ofVideoPlayer on Linux, how can I load two differently sized movies one after the other?
If I load first movie correctly, then call video.close() and video.load() for the second movie, the first movie size is still reported by video.width and video.height, and if the second video issmaller than first one it gets displayed badly in a larger texture, while if the second is larger than first video, the program crashes due to a texture too small.
doesn’t close() and load() free and re-allocate the videoplayer texture? the first allocated texture is always used? is that the correct behavior? if yes, could you give me any suggestion to to solve the problem?
Of course if both videos have same size it works perfectly.

could be a problem with ofGstUtils not correctly unreferencing gst stuff? calling ofGstUtils::getWidth() and getHeight() seems to work correctly only with first video loaded, and still reports same values after cloasing first and loading second movie.

porting my application to git openframeworks I’ve found out that gstream player works correctly there.
Once 007 is out I hope it all goes as expected.

which version were you having problems with? 0062?

yes, I’ve tried both 0060 and 0062, with same results