ofVideoPlayer ofxGStreamer not looping consistently

Hi All!
I am using ofxGStreamer to playback QT w/ Alpha on Windows. Occasionally while playing a video, it will stop looping. When I break in the code the video reports isPlaying as true and its position as 1.0f. It always happens after the video has played for a while. I’m curious if anyone has come across this before or has any suggestions.

I am loading it like so…

ofVideoPlayer video;

video.setPlayer(ofPtr<ofGstVideoPlayer>(new ofGstVideoPlayer));

Some of the videos are very short, but I cannot directly tie it to specific files. Does it have to do with the way I am setting it up? Should I wait for isLoaded to return true before setting the loop state and telling it to play?

I could always check to see if video.isPlaying() == true && video.getPosition() == 1.0f but isn’t that what setting loop state should cover?