ofVideoPlayer not playing transparent videos in Windows7

I am trying to get alpha transparent videos working with openFrameworks, preferably with 0.8.1, but version 0.9.0 would also be fine. I am unable to get the VideoPlayerExample working. It compiles no problem but the video that is played is not transparent. I do uncomment the fingerMovie.setPixelFormat(OF_PIXELS_RGBA); line.

I am trying two different videos, one encoded with ProRes4444 and one with RLE.

Both of which works with the same example project when compiled in ofv_9 on MacOSX in Xcode 7. However when compiled in Visual Studio the videos play with a black background instead of what is supposed to display behind it.

My guess is that I do not have something configured correctly in Windows to let this work. However when I open both videos using QuickTime or MediaPlayer Classic they both run fine (with the default black background).

I have installed both the ProRes Decoder and the KLite Codecs.

What steps am I missing in order to get this the video to play correctly on Windows.

this is surely just that the new windows video player, based on direct show, is not able to play back RGBA videos yet. the old one in 0.8.x base on quicktime is deprecated so it’s not maintained anymore and won’t get that feature.

also in windows you should be able to use ofxGStreamer which already has support for RGBA among other formats

I looked into ofxGStreamer but I have not been able to get gstreamer to install correctly. I followed the install directions in the ofxGStreamer Readme, however when I create a project with the ofxGStreamer add on it is unable to find gst/gst.h

My path includes

I am able to run gst-launch-1.0 from the command prompt.

What am I missing in the installation?