ofVideoPlayer load and seek much faster with 10.6 SDK

I am working on a simple project with large video files (1920x1080). I display one video at a time, fullscreen. When I change the video, I also need to set the current frame to a specific frame.

I am using oF0074 and OSX10.8.3.

I am using ofVideoPlayer to play the video. It is very slow! It takes up to 7 seconds to play a video file. Meanwhile, the interface is frozen. The time consuming processes are load() and setFrame(). I managed to reduce slightly the delay by changing the video codec, using ofQTKitVideoPlayer and optimizing the parameters, but it is still very slow to load and play video files!

I managed to make things really fast (less than one second to load, seek, and play) by using of0071 compiled with the 10.6SDK under MacOS10.7. Same code with ofVideoPlayer.

I think that the way video are handled in oF changed when XCode stopped supporting the 10.6 SDK. Can anyone comment on that? Why is it so much slower now? I don’t like using an old version of oF and OSX.


I read since 10.7 there is another method for playing back videos. Have a look at the osxHighPerformanceVideoPlayerExample.

I’ve had much better results with ofxThreadedVideo https://github.com/gameoverhack/ofxThreadedVideo

@yns I tried the osxHighPerformanceVideoPlayerExample which is using ofQTKitVideoPlayer, as mentioned in my first post, without much improvement.

@robotfunk I’ll give ofxThrededVideo a try. Thanks.

After trying a gazillion things I’m also still having problems to get smooth video playback (even with a 854x480 resolution).

I’m starting to think video playback is only for the really fast computers. I wonder what kind of computer you have? Mine is a 2.4Ghz, NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256MB VRAM, 4GB DDR3, 5400 RPM HDD, OSX 10.6 Macbook Pro