ofVideoPlayer isPlaying(), stop() producing unexpected results in linux

I noticed a few strange behaviors with ofVideoPlayer in linux:

isPlaying() will return true upon loading a movie, and it is clear to see that the video is not, in fact playing, yet this function reports that it is. Adding bIsPlaying = false to the constructor of ofGtsUtils solves this.

the stop() function calls pause() in ofGstUtils, which does not update set bIsPlaying to false. I changed it to this:

void stop(){setPaused(true); bIsPlaying = false; }

which fixes that issue.

These two bugs have the effect of isPlaying() always returning true no matter what.

I’m also a bit confused as to the expected behavior of isPlaying(). should it return true or false if the video is paused, but was previously playing?

thanks, yeah it seems bIsPlaying should be removed and isPlaying() should return a combination of !bIsPaused && bIsLoaded or something like that.

The code was adapted from the old ofVideoPlayer and there’s some code that could be definitely cleaner.

btw, the best place to post bugs is the issues in github, that way there’s only one place to look for them.

Ok, I’m in the process of learning git, so I’ll hopefully be contributing soon