ofVideoPlayer::isPlaying() behaves oddly on Linux

I’ve been trying to port an ofVideoPlayer-based app I wrote on OSX over to RPi 3 / Arch Linux. I was getting errors on the Pi - after a video is loaded, it always seemed to think it was playing, whether it was or not.

I tested how ofVideoPlayer responded to three method calls across the two platforms, before, during and after playback via play().


         isPlaying()  isPaused()  getIsMovieDone()
Before   0            1           0
During   1            0           0
After    0            1           1

On Pi / Arch Linux:

         isPlaying()  isPaused()  getIsMovieDone()
Before   1            1           0
During   1            0           0
After    1            0           1

Pi always thinks it’s playing. In order to tell whether the video is actually playing, I created a method which appears to work on both platforms:

bool isCurrentlyPlaying() {    
    return !isPaused() && !getIsMovieDone();

Not really a question, but an observation that might help someone else.

thanks, can you open an issue in github? this should behave the same on all platforms

I opened this issue on github. Thanks