ofVideoPlayer (gstreamer) melts my graphical card

I’m currently working on a project that uses a video library (around 25 files, 720p).
These videos are used to colorize generated graphics. At regular interval, video file are switched.
To do so, i used one ofVideoPlayer that i close and load each time i switch the video source.

Here is the code that do the work:

cout << "loading video: " << currentvid << endl;
videopixels = NULL;
vidplayer->loadMovie( currentvid );
vidplayer->setLoopState( OF_LOOP_NORMAL );

The result of this code is a critical system failure!
On a mac mini, the temperature gets so high that the whole system freeze after 40 minutes.
On a better tower, it’s even worse: the GeForce GTX 650 is definitively dead after a 4 hours struggle.

Without that switch, system stable @ 30fps & 5-10% cpu.
Average temperature in the mac mini after 1h run on Xubuntu: ~70°C

Same problem on Mac OSX 10.8 & Xubuntu 13.10, mac mini & tower.
OpenFrameworks 0.74.

maybe you can try using a vector of videoplayers and using “currentvid” as an index for that vector