ofVideoPlayer exception

I’m a beginner.When I use the ofVideoPlayer class,it causes an exception(CoreAVCDecoder exception).The video example also has this problem.How can I fix this?Merci

Can you tell us a bit more about what kind of file you are trying to play, the system you’re on etc… its hard to figure out the issue with nothing to go on. can you play the file in a normal playback like quicktime, windows media etc…

When I was running the videoPlayerExample,I got this exception.It said access conflict when writing to memory 0x00000000 and the exception was caused by CoreAVCDecoder. I have quicktime 7.0 installed and the system is windows 10. The movie is fingers.mov. It can be played by quicktime but with a long waiting time.

did you install the codec pack? we no longer use quicktime so decoding mov files requires you install the codec packs

Thank you very much.It turns out the codec I installed was broken. The codec pack solves the problem. xiexie