ofVideoPlayer dropping frames on win 10 and vs

i have a recurring problem using ofVideoPlayer on win 10 using vs, some videos playback perfectly, others drop a lot of frames (audio works alright on every case). i’ve tried h.264 and mpeg-4 codecs and the problem is the same. vsync is off and the problem persists.
the problem seems to be with videos bigger than 1280*720 resolution, but i’ve have had the same issues when loading a lot of smaller videos. im running win 10 on a i7 laptop, 8gb ram, geforce gtx1060 gpu.
any help will be great

Did you install the 3rd party K-Lite codecs?

Also make sure you are running in Release. Running Debug on Windows can be really, really slow. :slight_smile:

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running in realease did the trick.
thank you!