ofVideoPlayer does it load in to RAM or VRAM ?


I am working on an app that should load between 300-2400 80x64 pix videos and has to run of a DVD-Rom.

I am creating an array in to which i load each individual video file. moive[i].loadMovie(“movieName.mov”);

But I am not sure if ofVideoPlayer loads these movies in to the RAM, VRAM or somewhere else ?

I did not see the RAM use increase but i noticed the VRAM increasing from 8% usage to 20% when loading all 2400 files (4GB of harddrive space).

When running this app from a DVD-Rom i hear the DVD being read every time a new movie starts playing. I was hoping that .loadMovie would avoid the need for read data of the DVD every time.

What would be the best approach? Maybe the threaded video player ?

Thx, s.