ofVideoPlayer documentation errors?


couple of things about documentation online that i find weird. Maybe they have already been reported? if so, sorry :

1 -

“Returns a boolean with the current status of the movie (is it playing or has it finished)”

when does it return true and when false? to me this is unclear, in the last part of the line the part in braquets both parts of the or could be true and false.

but maybe is just me. of course the name of the function is quite clear but the explanation sounds weird.

2 -

The three arguments the function takes are QT constants (OF_QT_LOOP_NONE, OF_QT_LOOP_NORMAL), i believe they should be OF constants by loopking at the examples (OF_LOOP_NORMAL, OF_LOOP_NONE …)



thanks enrike, you are right on both counts

  1. have changed to the correct values

  2. i’ve changed in documentation to read…

Returns a boolean with the current status of the movie (returns true if finished, or false if still playing).

[edit] will take a little while for the documentation files cache to update


you arer welcome :wink: