ofVideoPlayer direction backwards

Hello all.

Trying to understand, is it is possible (using OF native libs) to play a video backwards from ofVideoPlayer? I saw a previousFrame() function but calling it constantly might not be a super nice solution?


Hi @kashik001
If i’m not wrong you can use setSpeed() , using a value of -1 as requested speed.
See videoPlayerExample in the OF example directory


Hello @Bencilari I’ve tried that and if seems to jump frames. I used a keypressed callback to setSpeed(-4) for example. Any way around this? (in the example with the fingermovie too…)

You may need to choose a different codec to get good reverse playback. Also using setSpeed(-4) is a very different operation to setSpeed(-1). Not all codecs are optimised for reverse or varispeed. What OS are you using? Speeds of -1 and -2 should be ok on most systems, needing speeds in between or outside of these values will most likely need a different codec. Take a look at the hap codec and the add-on to play it

Thank you @fresla. I integrated it right away and I’m using it now. Also downloaded the AVF.Batch.Converter from VIDVOX to transcode the videos to hap before the setup function makes a search. Still trying to see if the converter compresses the content (need to look at it).

To apply fragment shaders and FBO’s the process will be the same as the ofVideoPlayer? I took a look at the source code and it seems really robust. I’ve seen the ofShader *shader = player.getShader(); in the GitHub so I guess it would be this way…

Thanks in advance. (-5 works fine)