ofVideoPlayer crashing on second loadMovie

i’ve attached an example that works well. the error can be recreated by dropping the pointer from ofVideoPlayer* player;

if you do this (and, obviously, turn every ‘player->’ into ‘player.’ and remove the ‘new’ and ‘delete’) then suddenly the player stops working the second time through. it complains about not being able to upload data to the texture on update(), and the debugger says the ‘pxls’ is 0, so there is no data on the CPU. it can’t be a timing thing, like the file isn’t done saving yet, because that wouldn’t be different between using dynamically and statically allocated memory. it has to be some kind of data permanence thing where it’s not getting reset properly.

i’m also noticing a bug where ofxQtKitVideoGrabber is not acknowledging the width/height during recording. it switches into another mode for me. maybe gameoverhack knows something about that?


Arg! This is happening to me right now on Win 7 in Codeblocks. Definitely a bug. I’ll try deleting and recreating the movie player each time …

No deal. Still doesn’t work.

I am having the same problem as well, found any solution to this?

is there some solution for this bug?
this is freaking me out on my windows 8.1 with code::blocks.

I would be very grateful!