ofVideoPlayer bug with setVolume (006_linux_cb)

it seems that I found a second bug in the ofVideoPlayer which works with gstreamer.
If I start a movie with sound with the moviePlayerExample it all works.
But if I extend the code with setVolume(10) there is no more sound! :frowning:


thanks, itโ€™s solved now i was using some incorrect type to set the volume property.

thanks arturo that you were looking for this.
Where can I get the fixed version?

havent uploaded yet, but itโ€™s just a matter of changing the setVolume method in ofVideoPlayer by this:

gdouble gvolume = CLAMP(volume,0,10);  
g_object_set(G_OBJECT(gstPipeline), "volume", gvolume, NULL);  

Thank you so much arturo!!!

Now it works!