ofVideoPlayer audio routing on RPi 3

Hello there,

is there a way to select ofVideoPlayer audio output on Rapsberry Pi ? The system is set to audio jack but the ofVideoPlayer keeps playing on HDMI.

this topic seems to answer partially Selecting audio channels for ofVideoPlayer file playback - #2 by rtwomey but the links are down.

Thanks a lot fo your help

no news on this question ?

That is strange.
I would check non OF apps are outputting audio on the jack and not HDMI.

I would bet there is a linux config setting somewhere for the audio output which is getting read by the gstreamer engine. eg: Setting up config for alsa at /etc/asound.conf - Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange

Other alternatives:

You can set custom pipelines with Gstreamer so that could be a solution:

Or try https://github.com/jvcleave/ofxOMXPlayer which has a lot of options.

Actually the ofSoundPlayer in the same program output on the jack and not HDMI. I’ll try the asound.conf modification before going to ofxOMXPlayer if it’s not working.

Gstreamer method seams not safe enough to be tried like this (solution from 2014 wich implies different version of Linux, OF and so on + no explanation on what is done exactly with the pipeline configuration)

Ok so finally I gave up the software solution, came back to hdmi output in raspi-config and bought some hdmi to hdmi+jack extractor.

Asound.conf did not solve the problem, ofxOMXPlayer was implying too much change in my programms (I got 6 Raspberry in my installation with different program and video player on them).

Gstreamer could be an option but I’ll give it a try when I’ll have time to study this correctly.

Thanks for your answer @theo, have a nice day