ofVideoPlayer alternative backend (on Windows)

I’m developing a project that needs to grab a video file and extract frames from it (and save them to image files). The current implementation uses ofVideoPlayer, that on Windows uses QuickTime as the backend to decode the video. The problem is that I need support a file format that is not supported by QuickTime. The format that I need to support is MXF that is used as the raw output of many Video Camcorders. I have a codec that supports it on Windows using DirectShow and also I believe that GStreamer (used by default on Linux) supports this format, however I still haven’t found an addon or an easy to follow tutorial on how to switch ofVideoPlayer to one of those decoding backends.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

I’m answering myself. I was able to get around the problem using OpenCV’s VideoCapture class that on Windows uses DirectShow. However with the release of openFrameworks 007 I’d like to know if it is easier to switch the backend from QuickTime to Gstreamer?