ofVideoGrabber with ps3 eye

For what ive been reading Ps3 Eye cams should work with ofVideoGrabber, without the need of any more addons.
Compiling the ofVideoGrabber example, the ps3 eye is never recognized and it doenst appear on the device list.
Im i forgetting something important?


you can try ofxPS3EyeGrabber, from Christopher Baker
The PS3 eye works very well inside openframeworks.

I tested it with OF 0.8.4 OSX 1 month ago.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I tried it but it gives me this error:

error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'libusb.h': No such file or directory

The file doesnt exists inside the addon folder. Do i need something extra?

That’s because the driver uses LIBUSB.
A solution for that is include the ofxKinect addon in the project, that allready contains the libusb libraries

This addon requires libusb for direct camera access. Rather than including that library in this addon, it is easier to simply include ofxKinect, which is a core addon and already contains the libusb libraries needed for this addon to work across platforms.


Really appreciate your help!
I got it working with ofVideoGrabber, the package that i bought from CL Laboratories for PS3 Eye didn’t had all the drivers needed. After installing it, it immediately started to work!


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