ofVideoGrabber no image

When I run ofVideoGrabber on OSX 10.14.5 with xcode 11.3.1 the window opens but there is no live camera image.
Does anyone know of a fix for this?


I think you should add privacy access permissions in your project plist.

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Seems to already be added in the project plist or is there something missing here?:

Post your code here to see what you are trying to do …

Just trying a basic tutorial for webcam input on OSX. Sorry, new to openFrameworks.

void ofApp::setup(){
webcam.setup(640, 480)


void ofApp::update(){


void ofApp::draw(){
webcam.draw(0, 0);

hi @David_Strang have a look at the video grabber example in the examples/video/videoGrabberExample folder with your oF install.
it deals with all the basics.
I suspect that you are not selecting which camera ID to connect to at setup -
is there an error message in the debug?

i did a video walk through on using the videoGrabber and webcam and some basic video manipulation - you can see it on youtube here along with other tutorials:

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Thanks @danb - look like great tutorials!
Unfortunately, still couldn’t get to see live webcam (just a black window). This was the error I got:

**2020-04-09 17:20:12.123675+0100 012_webcamDebug[25933:2304872] [] CMIO_Unit_Convertor_VideoToolboxDecompressor.cpp:3373:decompressionOutputHandler [0x10706aa00] DECODING ERROR -12905**

does the example in the examples/video/videoGrabberExample compile and run?

are you using the inbuilt webcam in (eg) a laptop or an external webcam over usb?

Didn’t work initially but noticed that I just needed to change the device ID to correct camera.

Thanks for your help and advice!

:+1: awesome !

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