ofVideoGrabber hangs when listing v4l2 device

Hi all,
I’m trying to access a USB composite video capture device on a raspberry pi 2.
I can successfully view the devices stream using mplayer so I know the device is working on the pi, and my application works fine using a PS3 cam so I know my app is ok.

When loading the device using ofVideoGrabber, ofGstVideoGrabber hangs at get_device_data(). Output below:

[notice ] probing devices with udev…
[notice ] found device :, getting capabilities…
[warning] ofGstVideoGrabber: skipping vbi device: /dev/vbi0
[notice ] found device :, getting capabilities…
[notice ] detected v4l2 device: EM2860/SAA711X Reference Design
[notice ] driver: em28xx, version: 201223
[notice ] capabilities: 0x85220011
[verbose] ofGstVideoGrabber: listDevices(): device 0: /dev/video0: EM2860/SAA711X Reference Design
0: EM2860/SAA711X Reference Design
[verbose] ofGstVideoGrabber: get_device_data(): device: EM2860/SAA711X Reference Design(/dev/video0)

Searching the forums I’ve found other people attacking the problem using ofGstUtils directly but my noobness is making it difficult to correctly setup the pipeline. Running mplayer gives me this output which I think should have all the details I need to set up the pipeline but I’m not quite sure how to parse it:

Playing tv://.
TV file format detected.
Selected driver: v4l2
name: Video 4 Linux 2 input

Selected device: EM2860/SAA711X Reference Design
Capabilities: video capture VBI capture device audio read/write streaming
supported norms: 0 = NTSC; 1 = NTSC-M; 2 = NTSC-M-JP; 3 = NTSC-M-KR; 4 = NTSC-443; 5 = PAL; 6 = PAL-BG; 7 = PAL-H; 8 = PAL-I; 9 = PAL-DK; 10 = PAL-M; 11 = PAL-N; 12 = PAL-Nc; 13 = PAL-60; 14 = SECAM; 15 = SECAM-B; 16 = SECAM-G; 17 = SECAM-H; 18 = SECAM-DK; 19 = SECAM-L; 20 = SECAM-Lc;
inputs: 0 = S-Video; 1 = Composite1;
Current input: 0
Current format: YUYV
v4l2: ioctl set format failed: Invalid argument

Opening video decoder: [raw] RAW Uncompressed Video
Could not find matching colorspace - retrying with -vf scale…
Opening video filter: [scale]
Movie-Aspect is undefined - no prescaling applied.
[swscaler @ 0x1f72ce0] BICUBIC scaler, from yuyv422 to rgb565le using C
VO: [fbdev] 720x576 => 720x576 BGR 16-bit
Selected video codec: [rawyuy2] vfm: raw (RAW YUY2)

Audio: no sound
Starting playback…
V: 0.0 896/896 ??% ??% ??,?% 0 0

I’ve been banging my head against this wall all day, If any one could offer some advice I’d be very grateful.

many thanks,