ofVideoGrabber Example Memory Leak

When I run the videoGrabberExample included in of_v0.8.3_osx_release, I believe there is a memory leak. I am using a BlackMagic capture card, and when I change the vidGrabber.setDeviceID(0); to the correct device ID, everything works well. But since what I am building will be runnning for months without being restarted, I wanted to do early checks for memory leaks. Having never done this before, I searched Google and found out how to do profiling in xcode. What I found was after running the example as is (with the exception of changing the source device ID) for about 20 minutes, the All Heap & Anonymous CM’s Live Bytes gradually and consistently rose from 195mb to 220mb and still rising.

Screenshot of Profiler

Is there a known memory leak or something I can do to force garbage collection? I’m fairly new to oF and C++ so don’t know what things I should try. Granted this is a small mem leak but since this installation will be running for months at a time, I need absolutely no leaks at all.


Not related to the memory leak, but to your Blackmagic card. @kylemcdonald has been working on this, which may speak natively to your device: https://github.com/kylemcdonald/ofxBlackmagic