ofVboMesh vs. ofMesh

Hi OF people,
I got really excited after i found some good glsl shader examples and want to back to OpenGL world.

Then i try to draw something with ofVboMesh as people suggested to use it than ofMesh.
myVboMesh.draw() is slower than myMesh.draw()

I set GL_DYNAMIC_DRAW option for VboMesh but still the same.

I think this has to do with my un-clever indexing of mesh index.

i use ofxTriangle to convert silhlouettes captured from ofxmskinect to mesh. ( i add random vertices before i do trianglulation and erase triangles that’s outside of the polyline(contour).)

so the mesh is changing a lot and my triangle has independent index set. so I set mesh mode to OF_PRIMITIVE_TRIANGLE.

So i kindof conclude, only when i’m confident dealing with mesh, i use VBO otherwise i get lousy results since i’m dummer than graphics card.

Is this make sense?

i’m asking this since i saw somewhere in OF forum that ofVboMesh is good for STATIC mesh…

thank you in advance.


i’ve noticed in my computer ofVboMesh is slower than ofMesh if it changes a lot but i think it is because of my graphics card which has shared memory. In any other case it should be at least as fast as ofMesh.

Hi arturo,
my graphics card is GTX580
and it says it’s using shared memory as well.

i’ll take a look at how shared memory architecture is influencing the performance.

thank you!

Hi @hhjjj

Did you got to any “conclusion” about this issue ?
Any ideas of whether or not it’s better to use ofVboMEsh instead of ofMesh in some situation ?

I’m facing something similar … i’ve a very varying geometry on each frame and i need to boost up performance … but i can’t get to know if VboMesh is faster or not then ofMesh …

Any ideas ?