ofURLFileLoader http post, and master openCV

So I am trying to interact with a non-form http api, where I post JSON directly into the body.

I tried ofxHTTPUtils, but that makes it a form post and mangles the stringified JSON.

I saw that the master branch has http post support that seems simple enough, and it was committed on December 2015 (ca62f5845c02ff677dd8ba81d35e6db55b0355a8).

But when I tried it on 0.9.8 release, it wasn’t there. 0.9.8 got released in October 2016, about 10 months later.

So I decided to try building master openframeworks on macOS 10.13.2, but I am getting errors when trying to use ofxCv when linking:

Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
“___itt_api_version_ptr__3_0”, referenced from:

So to take a step back, is there any commit that both has the HTTP POST code and working opencv in macOS 10.13.2?

can you try calling download_libs again? i’ve just been updating the libraries this weekend and that might have broken / fixed this :slight_smile:

Welp, that did it, thanks for the quick reply @arturo !

Hmm I wonder if I should make another thread about doing a new release…