ofTrueTypeFont - texture size is too large

Hi there,
I’m switching to of_0.10.0 because I need to use a lot of unicode typography in my works and it seems to support it without any addon.
My problem is that I need to use some “special” characters:
(in my case it’s not so special, my language use them a lot)


I figured it out that I need to add ofUnicode::Uncategorized to the font I use which works great until a certain font size, but when I use large fonts like size e.g.: 60 I get the following error:

ofTruetypeFont: Trying to allocate texture of 32768x32768 which is bigger than supported in current platform: 16384**

How could I overcome this problem, 32768x32768 seems ridiculously large for the few letters I need.
Can I create my own Unicode table for those characters only?

Any help is appreciated!
Thank and keep up the great work!!

I looked up the ofTruetypeFont source code and I added a


unicode range 0100—017F based on this site:

And now it is working nicely.

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I think that’s ofUnicode::LatinA no?

when setting up the font just add that range to your settings like:

ofTrueTypeFontSettings settings("font.ttf", 60);

I’m using the 0.10.0 downloaded from the OF site, there is no LatinA, but there is one on the current github repo:

const ofUnicode::range ofUnicode::LatinA {0x0100,0x017F};

same as I did…
thanks Arturo!!