ofTrueTypeFont question

Hello everybody!

I am programming my first OF app for iPhone. Well, I am meeting problems with text drawing.

How to reproduce the trouble
(described briefly - get into the attached file for better understanding)

Make a class using an ofTrueTypeFont this way:

FontUser fu1; // first field using ofTrueTypeFont  
FontUser *fu2;  // first field using ofTrueTypeFont  

Init the two fields:

fu1 = FontUser();  
fu2 = new FontUser();  

Inside the FontUser class make a draw function rendering the text by the drawString function and…

…call that from the testApp’s draw function:


What happens is that only the fu2 makes the work.
when calling the draw function inside fu1 the text won’t be rendered and you get a warning in the console:

OF_WARNING:  texture not bound for character -- line 650 in [i][...omissis...][/i]  

I attach the project zip file I made to reproduce the problem I described.

Why is this happening? My mistake? A bug? What?

Many thanks to all!!!



I forgot to tell something about versions:

Macbook 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Mac OSX 10.6.3
Xcode 3.2.2
OpenFrameworks iPhone 0.061