ofTrueTypeFont letter spacing i r r e g u l a r i t i e s?

It seems to me like ofTrueTypeFont::setLetterSpacing() sometimes (??) does weird things to the spaces between letters when set to other than 1.0, no? That is, sometimes it will be

e v e n

, but other times it will be like:


That is, the distance between some letters is notably wider than it is between others.

I have seen this even with ordinary mainstream fonts such as OpenSans-Regular.ttf

Anyone know what that’s about?

I don’t know why it might be happening but I have been having problems too. Sometimes it will render like this sometimes not. I’m using Areal Black Italic, it might be something with the font I’m using, but I thought I’d document that in case its related to your problem.

Thanks. Yeah that seems like it might be similar or the same issue.

Are you setting setLetterSpacing() to something other than 1.0f, or other than a whole number?