ofTrueTypeFont couldn't find font

Hi everyone, I have searched for that but it seems that I’m the only one to get this error:
[ error ] ofTrueTypeFont: loadFontFace(): couldn’t find font “Arial.ttf”
That happens when I compile, with every font (I didn’t check EVERY font, but I’m pretty shure). I’m on a mac with Mavericks on it, the fonts are on the SSD drive in the library, and I thought that this could be the problem, but I don’t know how to solve it.
Thank you for every help, this is a great community and I’m learning a lot!

You must place a copy of the font (e.g. Arial.ttf) in the bin/data directory of your application. Currently ofTrueTypeFont does not search the system paths under normal circumstances. This will hopefully be updated in the future.

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Perfect! Thank you very much