ofTrueTypeFont change font color


I’m kind of new to Open Frameworks and since I’m working on a little project now I stumbled upon some problems. My question here is if there’s any way to change the color and/or alpha channel of the loaded font?

Thanks in advance!

in OF, the color is a global state. so most of the time you don’t change the color of something in particular, instead you change the global color and from there anything you draw will be using that color. you can change this global color using ofSetColor(r,g,b,a) where r,g,b,a are values between 0…255

thanks for the quick reply. Works like a charm!

I just want to change the font, no other object that I created. How can i do?

Sorry for bad english. Thanks

change the color with ofSetColor, draw the font, and then change the color back to white or whatever color you want to use for the next thing you want to draw

i didn’t use ofSetColor before this and it’s changes the colors of my pictures