ofThread verbose deprecated

I’ve just noticed that setting threads to verbose is deprecated. How can set my threads to verbose (or not) and the rest of my application to another log level?

For instance, I initially set log level to verbose. And then output messages like
ofLogVerbose ( … );
ofLogNotive ( … );

But in most cases I want to use threads without thousands of messages coming out. How can I set log level to verbose and keep threads silent?


I think you should be able to control the logging level for each module. In your case it should be like this:

ofSetLogLevel("ofThread", OF_LOG_WARNING);


That’s awesome. I’ll try it out. Cheers!

It works for ofThread! It doesn’t for my own classes tought, how does it detect the modules? Do I have to register them to ofLog somewhere?


You have to call ofLog with a string that tells the module name. For example ofLogDebug("myModule") << "logmessage";

Documented on this page, somewhere in the middle http://www.openframeworks.cc/documentation/utils/ofLog.html

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