ofTCPServer is slow?

Hey Guys been doing a bunch of work with socket server passing data from OF to Flash. Just today I noticed that the speed of data transmission on the OF server seemed very very slow. When I just run the tcp client in OF and use a socket server made in C# i can send data at about rate of once ever 20-30 milliseconds. However if try to use only the OF tcp server, I see all my data transmission slows down to exactly 200ms. (about 10 times slower). I’m sure that there must be some kind of hard limit or speed control somewhere in the OF tcp server code, but i haven’t found it yet. Any Ideas?


are you on Windows? when i was developing ofxOsc i noticed that network communication with localhost on Windows was sometimes crazy slow. don’t know why, never found a fix for it (other than upgrade to Linux or OSX :wink: