ofSoundStream set output device to Bluetooth device does not work

Hi there,

I am using Soundflower + ofSoundStream to catch audio at my soundcard to do some signal processing and to then simultaneously forward it to speakers to hear the actual audio while my programme reacts to it. This works fine if I use my internal speakers as output, but to forward it with to bluetooth device, this does not seem to work.

  • computer sends audio --> soundflower
  • my ofApp catches audio from soundflower as an input device
  • my ofApp forwards the audio from soundflower to an output device (Mac speakers works, Bluetooth speakers do not work)

Anyone has an idea why this does not work and would know a way to fix this?


Hopefully I’m not stating the obvious here, but have you set the device with:

auto devices = soundStream.getDeviceList();

and then with the correct index of course.
Also, with my bluetooth device it’s critical to match its samplerate
Can you run the sound/audioOutputExample example with the bluetooth device?