ofSoundStream not work when DSD Transcoder installed

I installed foobar2000 app to listen to music of DSD format (yes, I’m a music lover).
Then, foobar2000 recommends to install DSD Transcoder to transcode DoP format into DSD native format.

However, after installed the DSD Transcoder, ofSoundstream became not able to work. My app seems said nothing with it (no error message) but I was carefully to read the debug messages and found this below;

\DSDTranscoder\dsd_transcoder_x64.dll'. Cannot find or open the PDB file.
\Windows\System32\comdlg32.dll'.  Cannot find or open the PDB file.

the message happened when


is called. Inside the function above,

info = audioTemp.getDeviceInfo(i);

audioTemp calls getDeviceInfo method and when the DSD Transcoder is read (this api is belonged to ASIO), oF sometimes stops reading program any more (but no error message and sometimes goes through but mostly stop reading).

I’m not for sure about PDB file and how to create it for DSD Transcoder too. If there is someone who can solve this problem, I reallly appreciate. Now I put some if statements to ignore to read DSD Transcoder. It works but I know this obviously seems not the best way…

Actually I’ve done not only putting some if statements to ignore to read DSD Transcoder in ofRtAudioSoundStream::getDeviceList function, your oF might try to use ASIO api in ofSoundstream setup function (and read DSD Transcoder…).

In that case, you should check this answer. I’m using Voicemeeter to root audio from SuperCollider to oF. I forced my ofSoundStream to use MS DS like this answer. It works well!