ofSoundStream getDeviceList is not returning my built in soundcard (windows)

I have an app that I’ve been testing with my Motu 828mk2 soundcard. I have a few lines of code to pick the default driver. This has worked fine so far, but when I unplug the soundcard and use my laptop’s onboard audio it stops working, throwing this error:

RtApiAsio::getDeviceInfo: error (Hardware input or output is not present or available.) initializing driver (MOTU Audio ASIO)

This persists if I reboot without the card attached. Audio is working fine otherwise. When I run getDeviceInfo() on the soundstream I just get one entry

[0] MOTU Audio ASIO [in:0 out:0]

So my internal card is not appearing in the deviceInfo list. Any ideas? This is Windows 10, if that helps.

I have the same problem and I fixed it by installing ASIO4ALL. Maybe it can help others.

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