ofSoundStopAll() not working

Hi there. Quick question.

The method ofSoundStopAll should work in android or not really?

Currently, I have an app that is playing different sounds and despite calling that method they still continue playing. Is that not supposed to work in android, some kind of bug, or I might be overlooking something in my code?


ofSoundStopAll is basically a direct call to ofFmodStopAll(), which won’t work on android since you won’t be running FMOD.

This should be documented for sure, or at least a “not implemented” warning should be emitted.

You need to use ofxAndroidSoundPlayer for sound effects (backend is android:soundpool) and ofxAndroidVideoPlayer for music files (backend is android:mediaplayer)

ps. We use here ofxAndroidVideoPlayer for sound effects too, because of the limitations of android:soundpool

@admsyn Got it. I google FMOD and saw that it run on Android as well, so wasn’t really sure if oF would use that or sth else. Apparently sth else. Thanks for the reply.

@Rancs Thanks for the info too.