ofSoundPlayer + reverb, filters?

Hello OF community,

I am looking to add reverb and filtering, some basic effects to my ofSoundPlayer objects, I know I could switch to using an addon, but I’d like to try and implement things on top of my existing code. Could anybody give any pointers?

My code is: www.github.com/jsoncz/numpadzcpp

Would it be easier to replace ofSoundPlayer with ofxMaxim or ofSoundObjects? I have given it a few tries, but i’m not so sure how to keep some of my basic functionality, like controlling volume and pitch with sliders.

Has anybody managed to add some extra functionality to ofSoundPlayer, like some basic filter?

you could try using my addon:

it has an audio player example, an IR reverb and an algorhytmic one, and some VA filters

Hi, I would like to, but I am creating around 12 players, and I am controlling each player with it’s own volume slider. At the moment it’s simple and looks like: snd1.setVolume(volumeSlider);
I am doing the same with pitch. I was looking ofxSoundObjects because it contains those same methods. With ofxPDSP could you give a small example on how to have multiple players at the same time, with some volume control?

Thanks a lot,

just look at the song player example:

make a vector of the AudioPlayer class and then replicate the code for each player in the vector, you will have all the parameters added to the ofxGui this way

Thanks for sharing!! It’s useful.