ofSoundPlayer on Windows, plugging & unplugging headphones

My app is a quiz game where players don headphones, then listen to a short clip of an audiobooks while attempting to identify it’s source, clicking the correct book cover onscreen from a choice of 4. Each player has 6 rounds of this audio multiple choice.

The issue I’m having is if someone disconnects the headphones from the PC while the app is running. The app no longer plays any audio through that output. If I use the OS volume control, I do hear a ‘chime’ indicating the volume, but nothing from the app. If I restart the app, it works fine.

I haven’t worked with the FMod player very much, but I did see that there isn’t any sort of “setDevice()” method. Wondering if I should check out the OpenAL player instead, or if there is clever or ‘best practices’ way of playing multiple clips in sequence and always insuring audio will go where I want.

Gigabyte Brix Pro i7 (ONLY has headphone out, no other audio out jacks)
Windows 10
oF 0.9.3
VS 2015 Community