ofSoundPlayer on Linux – stop() is not working when streaming from disk

I’m having some trouble with ofSoundPlayer on Linux (Linux Mint 13). If I set a sound file to stream from disk instead of loading to the RAM…

ofSoundPlayer mySound;  
mySound.loadSound("sounds/beat.wav", true);  

…the stop() does not work.


This only happens when it’s streaming from the disk. The stop() works just fine when loaded to RAM. It also works perfectly on my Mac (10.7).

I was able to make it stop with a while loop sending the stop() command while mySound.getIsPlaying() is true with the SoundPlayer example, but it’s not going to work on the project that I’m working on.

Anyone else seen this happen? Or any ideas of a fix/workaround? I can’t load the sounds to the very limited RAM of my fit-PC, since I need to have an array of about 60 samples and each of them is about 1 minute long.

OF 0073 (CodeBlocks installed with the Ubuntu scripts)
Linux Mint 13
Fit-PC2i (2.0Ghz/2GB/128GB SSD drive)

there was a bug with the linux sound player, it’s fixed in github develop now, you can use OF from github or fix it in your version, the changes are these: