ofSoundPlayer on Android only playing ~6 seconds of a sound file

I’m having troubles getting sound files longer than ~6s to play in full on Android.
Using ofSoundPlayer anything longer than ~6s just stops (or loops). This is true even in the example project androidSoundPlayerExample, the beats sample 1085.mp3 is ~9s long but won’t play in full (and so the beat doesn’t loop cleanly).

There is mention in a couple of threads of using setStream(true) or stream=true, but I can’t find mention of this in the documentation or code.

I’m using 084 android release on Android 4.4.4 (Moto G) and 5 (Nexus 5, Nexus 7).

I’m in the process of downloading the github master to see if the problem still exists there.

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ok so seconds later I see that stream=true is set in the constructor. All working well.

Hopefully someone else finds this useful as copying from the example led to the hiccup.