ofSoundPlayer limits in Raspberry Pi

I am trying to load a .wav file using ofSoundPlayer. That very file can be played without problems by omxplayer. When I play it with aplay, the volume is quite low.

The codec specifications are:

Format:               PCM, Little / Signed
                           CBR, 1.536Kbps, 2ch.
Sampling rate:    48,0KHz
BitDepth/String:  16bits
Length:                15min. 12secs.
Size:                    167MB (100%)

When I try to load it both as stream and not, considering its size:



player.load(“test.wav”, true)

It works, but the volume is super low, even thought I set it to 1.0f compared to using, for example, omxplayer.
Generally speaking, the quality is pretty low.
Is streaming incompatible with changing the volume? When I change it between 0.5 and 1 I don’t feel much difference, even the quality seems to drop…

I tried using a ofVideoPlayer. The main problem is the loading delay but sound level is similar to what I get using OMXPlayer.

Do you have any suggestion on where the problem could be coming from?